Letter of Sheikh Haron to Ayatollah Sistani: The conflict in Iraq is not between "two Muslim groups", it is between "Muslims" and "Munafiqeen".

ليست الحرب في العراق بين الفريقين من المسلمين بل الحرب هي بين المسلمين و المنافقين

The recent events regarding Sheikh Haron:

NSW Police asks Sheikh Haron: Are you a bikie?

Police are investigating about Sheikh Haron's connection with Bikies

Sheikh Haron: 1% Motorcycle Clubs are NOT "Criminal Organisations"

The NSW police are investigating if Sheikh Haron is a bikie member or an associate? About 4 pm on Saturday 14 June 2014, five undercover police go to the residence of Amirah's parents looking for Man Haron Monis. About half an hour later, Sheikh Haron goes to the police station to see why the detectives wanted to see him. The officers ask some questions about the motorcycle clubs. The officers question Sheikh Haron about being a member of a bikie club or just an associate?

We note that Sheikh Haron admits that he is in contact with few different groups and clubs' members.

Since the Australian government cannot tolerate Sheikh Haron’s political activities, they are looking for an excuse to accuse Sheikh Haron and to send him to prison to keep him quiet. First they accused him of murder case, then sexual assault case, and now they are looking for a different excuse: "Bikie case" or "BFL case"!

We note that there are some Muslim brothers from the BFL (Brothers For Life), or from few different motorcycle clubs that sometimes they have some religious inquiries and they contact Sheikh Haron. This association not only is not against the law but also it is rewarded by Allah (swt) to teach the Muslim brothers about the Islamic rules. Secondly despite the Australian government claims that these are criminal organisations, none of these "1% motorcycle clubs" or groups are criminal organisations. If some individuals within a group commit a crime it doesn’t mean the whole group is criminal, and it is not fair that we accuse them as "criminal organisation". Sheikh Haron is proud to announce that he may become a full member of a motorcycle club in the near future. Sheikh Haron loves riding bikes. He rides a bike, yet he is not a member, and there is nothing wrong to join and to do some sports and at the same time teaching the members about God and religion.

Letter of Sheikh Haron to Prime Minister Tony Abbott 1 November 2013


The Political "Letter Campaign" will continue, Insha Allah.



Sheikh Haron: From now on when I want to advise people not to kill children I should do it by hand delivery, not by using postal service!



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